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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Why Women Take Longer to Shop for Bathing Suits than Men Do


We know the average guy can be in and out of a store with a new bathing suit in less than 10 minutes, even if that store is the one at the local truck stop down the highway from your buddy’s cottage ‘cause you left your trunks at home and their neighbours shoot skinnydippers. So you’re probably wondering why women treat shopping for a swimsuit as if it were a military campaign or the latest assault on Everest, often requiring more than one excursion.

Here’s why: We have more than two styles (trunks or Speedo) to choose from. Do we want a one piece, a two piece, lots of coverage, as little coverage as we can get away with, built-in support, built-in tummy constrictor (yes, really!)…

Women’s suits don’t come in “one size fits most” with drawstring waist, so we can’t just grab a medium off the “on sale” pile. We actually have to try it on. And so often the top will fit and the bottom won’t, or vice versa. Or the cut reveals our worst features and covers up our best ones. Or the colour’s wrong, or…

We have to read the washing instructions. Not all suits are wash and wear; some are designed strictly for the beach, water will ruin them! Especially those snazzy sequined numbers.

Why go to all that trouble? ‘Cause we want to look good for you, of course! While simultaneously passing muster with our girlfriends, our mothers, our daughters….what do you mean, it’s September already?

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