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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Found and Tested: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Baileys Irish Cream and Whiskey Caramel

While I was browsing the Rodelle website looking for their brownie recipe the other day, I came across the above-named recipe. It sounded delicious, so I tried it on the weekend. Yep, delicious. I wanted to pass it on, so I asked my contact at Rodelle, figuring I’d give them the copyright and credit and reproduce it here. (The link to the recipe on their website is HERE).

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. Turns out they’d got the recipe from another website, belonging to Peabody Rudd. HERE’s the link to her recipe—you’ll have to scroll down about a third of the page.

Guess what? It wasn’t original to her either. She said she’d modified a version of the cookies from the I am Baker website HERE and got the caramel part from Betty Crocker, HERE. Both of which came from yet another person. At that point I gave up trying to track down the original. But here are my notes on the process.

Cookie Part
The instructions say to roll the dough and then chill, but it works better if you chill first, then roll. This dough rolls (and rerolls) very well and I will definitely be using it again. Probably for Christmas cookies. Possibly as a base for cheesecake. I used a doughnut cutter for the top cookies (the hole in the middle allows the filling to show through) and a round cutter of the same size for the bottom cookies, dipping the cutters in cocoa first so they wouldn’t stick.

Frosting Part
I didn’t have any Baileys on hand, so I used brandy instead. It was scrumptious. This would also be good as frosting on cake.

Whiskey Caramel
I didn’t have any honey whiskey, so once again I used brandy. Do use a LARGE pot for the corn syrup and sugar mixture because when you add the cream mixture it expands rapidly. I couldn’t get the caramel to harden, probably because I didn’t take it up to temperature the second time—I was afraid of it boiling over and turning my stove top into a sticky mess. So I ended up with caramel sauce instead. I did dribble a bit on the cookies, but couldn’t get enough to stay on to flavour them. No matter, they were delicious with just the frosting.

I ended up with both frosting and caramel left over. They taste really good spread on waffles fresh out of the toaster.

Would I make it again? Very likely, though perhaps without the caramel.