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I do a LOT of reading, and most of it is from Project Gutenberg. I haven't got the time or the funds to be running to a bookstore (virtual or books and mortar) several times a week because I'm looking for something to read, and while I occasionally take a chance on an unknown author and buy an ebook, it's rare. With Project Gutenberg, if I don't like something, I don't feel guilty if I delete it unfinished. And that does happen a lot because usually all I've got to go on is the title. But when I do like something, I feel like sharing. So if you also are looking for stories with interesting plots, characters you can root for, and no language, gratuitous violence, etc. to spoil the mood, maybe you'll enjoy some of the same ones I do. I'll be sharing them from time to time here.

A Modern Trio in an Old Town, by Katharine Haviland Taylor

I really enjoyed this novel and thought others might too. If you’re into writing, it’s a clinic on character voice and show don’t tell. If you’re not, it’s still an engaging story with likeable characters, told with humour. And I guarantee it's clean.

What happens when 18-year-old Jane Jones leaves her small town in Pennsylvania to travel to Florence to study with a master piano teacher?

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