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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Super Absorbent Inexpensive Pet Carrier Liner

I’ve always used old towels in the bottom of our pet carrier while taking the cats to the vets. They’ve never worked very well, however, as they always get bunched up in a corner, and aren’t as absorbent as you would think.

I recently discovered (you don’t want to know how) that the microfibre dish mats you place under your dish rack to catch the drips from your drying dishes can absorb A LOT of cat pee. They’re also inexpensive, are the right size to line a medium carrier, lie flat, and can just be tossed in the washing machine once used. I’m guessing that two of them would be the right size to line the bigger carriers.

They also come in a range of colours, so if you or your pet are fashion-conscious, you can colour-coordinate with the carrier or their fur. I’ve found them at both my local pharmacy and the bigger dollar stores.