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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Product Review: Iron Chef™ America Sesame Beef

Saw this in the frozen foods section of my local grocery last week, and since I was looking for something quick to make for dinner, I thought I’d try it. The box contains all the ingredients for a complete main course—a package of frozen sliced beef, a package of frozen veggies, a package of sauce, and a package of frozen rice. No need to thaw before cooking. The rice is heated in the microwave, the rest of the ingredients are cooked together in a skillet.

I’d definitely buy it again and will be trying some of their other flavours as well. While it was rather expensive compared to most frozen meals, it would have cost me at least half as much to make it, plus all the time for prep work.

A few comments, though. First, since the frozen veggies were 90% peppers, which not everyone in our household likes, I subbed in corn and peas (I kept the veggie pack for future use). Second, while the box says it feeds four, it fed two, with enough left over for my lunch the following day. If you added in soup or salad and egg rolls, you might feed four, though.

It took us closer to 20 minutes than the 12 minutes stated on the box to make it, but that’s still pretty quick for getting dinner on the table. Also, while it’s rated medium/two peppers for spicy, we thought it was fairly mild. Your taste may differ.

A few other things I liked about it—it’s made right here in Canada and contains Canadian beef. It’s reasonably low in sodium, especially for processed food—around 15% of your daily recommendation per serving. Also, all of the packaging is recyclable.

The product is put out by Allez Cuisine (rough translation, get cooking), of Vaudreuil, Quebec. You can find their website HERE.