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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Found and Tested: Homemade Gluten Free Biscuit Mix, Gluten Free Molasses Cookies, Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Biscuit Mix

When I was drawing up my menus for the Christmas holidays, I was pleased to discover that gluten free Bisquick™ existed, since I figured I could just plug it into my favorite recipes and voila! Biscuit topping, quick bread, pancakes. Then I discovered my grocery store didn’t carry it. Back to the internet. I apparently could order it from Amazon but found out from the reviews that it could NOT, as I’d assumed, be substituted cup by cup for regular Bisquick™ as it doesn’t contain shortening. However, I found this recipe which claimed that it could substitute cup for cup.

I figured it was worth a try. It was easy to make up and performed well in all four of the recipes I used it in. In fact, it worked so well I’m going to try to make a regular version of it as well, substituting wheat flour for the rice and tapioca and leaving out the xanthan gum.

Christmas Cookies

The Betty Crocker™ website is a great source of recipes, both regular and gluten free. I made both their gluten free molasses cookies and their gluten free sugar cookies. The molasses cookies did have that starchy texture I associate with gluten free flour but came out nice and crisp and had excellent spicy flavour. Plus they were much easier to make than my regular ginger snap recipe so I may try them again. I did substitute margarine for the called-for shortening, which worked just fine.

The sugar cookies were a bit bland, but sugar cookies generally are. I think I might try almond extract rather than vanilla next time. The glaze did perk them up. I had a bit of trouble with cracking the first time I rolled out the dough. However, they rerolled very well. Do let them cool on the cookie sheet before trying to remove them because they are quite fragile while hot. Once cool, they’re fairly sturdy. Here again I substituted margarine for the called for butter, which probably accounted for the bland flavour and the trouble with the first rolling.

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