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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Found and Tested Hot Buttered Rum Batter

While scouring the internet for Christmas recipes the other day, I came across this recipe for hot buttered rum batter: You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the steps for the hot buttered rum recipe to see it.

It’s a mix that you can store in your freezer so you can whip up a hot toddy in the time it takes the kettle to boil. Use a generous tablespoon of the mix when you’re making your drinks.

I only made up a third of the batter recipe to try it, which worked well, so if you’re not planning on using it to host a party, you can do the same. I have to admit it was the best hot buttered rum I’ve ever tasted, so this one’s going in my recipe file.

If you’d prefer something that’s alcohol-free, you can still have a delicious hot drink by substituting hot black tea for the rum and hot water when making up your drink. The batter itself has no alcohol in it.

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