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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Found and Tested: Microwave Custard

I love custard, but I don’t often make it because it’s so time-consuming and painstaking to do on the stove. Between the continuous stirring so the milk doesn’t scorch and never knowing for sure if it’s reached the thickening point and can be taken off the heat, I just don’t bother. So when I found THIS RECIPE on the Australia’s Best Recipes website, I knew I had to try it.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it comes out scorch- and lump-free. I did make one change to the directions, and that was to start by combining the sugar with the cornstarch to make the paste, rather than adding it to the milk.

I think there’s a chocolate version, and possibly a trifle, in my future.

Microwave Custard: The Chocolate Version

Place four squares of Baker's Chocolate in the bottom of the microwave container together with the milk. Stir every minute or so until the chocolate melts and the milk boils.

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