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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Found and Tested: Soft Ice Cream with Add-Ins

You know those delicious, served in a cup but eaten with a spoon ice-cream treats available at your favourite fast-food franchise? The ones with bits of candy or cookies stirred in? Turns out they’re super easy to make at home. Here’s where you can find the recipe:


All you need is milk, vanilla ice cream, and your favourite add-in. Actually, it’s good even without the add-in if you’ve just got a craving for soft ice cream. It makes two servings but can easily be multiplied.

It works best if you freeze your bowl and your mugs (the frosty variety with a layer of coolant in them work great) a couple of hours ahead. The mixture does need to be eaten immediately, as it starts to melt quickly.

My current favourite add-in is Reese Peanut Butter Oh Henry! which comes in chunks in a 180 gram bag. They’re fairly easy to chop small with a knife.

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