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Monday, October 26, 2020

Easy Peasy Pea Soup

Best done in a slow cooker but can be done in a large pot on the stove if you don’t mind frequent stirring and adjusting of temperature.

3 cups split yellow peas

boiling water to cover

8 cups vegetable or chicken stock

2 cups frozen vegetables for spaghetti sauce

ham bone (optional)

2 cups diced cooked ham (optional)

The night before, place peas in a 6-litre crock pot. Cover with boiling water, put the lid on the pot, and leave to soak. In the morning, drain and rinse peas and return to pot. Add remaining ingredients and cook on high for 5 hours, stirring once or twice. Reduce to low and cook another 2 hours. Remove ham bone before serving.

This is actually better reheated the following day.

If you’re opting to make a vegetarian version, just leave out the ham and add a tablespoon of olive or other vegetable oil with the rest of the ingredients.

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