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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ice Cream Floats for Adults

When I was a kid, sometimes as a special treat Mom would make ice cream floats for dessert. They were especially good if we had A&W root beer on hand, which at the time could be bought at their restaurants in large glass jugs.

So when I recently spotted a four pack of Mad Jack Hard Root Beer in my grocery store I had to try it, even though I’d not been keen on the original Mad Jack Premium Apple Lager. The combination of lager and apple just didn’t work for me. I did like the root beer version, however. It made me feel nostalgic and I started wondering how it would work paired with ice cream. Quite well, actually! And no, I’m not being paid to write this up—I doubt the company even knows this blog exists.

Hard Root Beer Float

Put two to three scoops of vanilla ice cream (depending on the size of the glass) in a glass. Add Mad Jack Hard Root Beer. Serve with a straw.

Then I discovered Mad Jack’s Premium Ginger Flavoured Lager. Of the three, it’s probably the best to drink on its own. It also makes a mean rhubarb cake. And not a bad float, either.

Lemon Ginger Float

Put two to three scoops of lemon sorbet or gelato in a glass. Add Mad Jack Ginger Flavoured Lager. Serve with a straw.

Looking for more cool summer drinks? Check out my B52Milkshake recipe.

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