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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Product Review: J & D’s Baconnaise

Saw a jar of this at our local gift basket store and just had to have it. It’s exactly what it sounds like, bacon-flavoured mayonnaise. And while it tastes like the real article, there’s no actual bacon in it so it can also be enjoyed by vegetarians.

Of course, it’s not exactly cheap, and at 80 calories the tablespoon, a bit rich to be used as a chip or vegetable dip. Not to worry, however. The flavour’s strong enough that you can dilute it with one to two parts light mayonnaise, bringing down the price and calorie count while still getting that bacon flavour.

Not only does it make a fantastic dip, it’s also great in grilled cheese sandwiches or on hot dogs or burgers. I’ve also used it in deviled eggs.

You can check it out on their webpage. I see they also offer a bacon scented pillowcase. Quite sure that is NOT a good idea.

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