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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Homemade Butterbeer

Homemade Butterbeer
Photo by Kate Tompkins
15 ounces Sprite
1/4 cup whipping cream
4 pumps (one ounce) Torani Butter Rum Syrup (no substitutions), divided
2 Butterbeer souvenir mugs or any glass that will hold at least 8 ounces

In blender (Magic Bullet is great for this), combine whipping cream and 1/2 ounce (two pumps) of Torani syrup. Pulse until cream is whipped, about 30 seconds. Put one pump of syrup into each glass. Fill up with Sprite and top with whipped cream. If you prefer the whipped cream spread through the mixture, place it in the bottom before adding the syrup.

Serves 2

We did the Warner Brothers London Making of Harry Potter studio tour last year and of course had to sample the butterbeer. So when I ended up back home with two souvenir mugs, naturally I wanted to be able to refill them. I tried several of the online recipes, but none of them seemed quite right or were too complicated. This one is dead easy, and if you use whipping cream from a spray can (in which case, just pour the syrup over it) it’s even easier.

This doesn’t look like the official Butterbeer we had at Warner Brothers in London, as it’s clear rather than amber, but the taste is a pretty good approximation. Some of the online recipes call for cream soda, but it seemed to me there was a lemony undertaste, so I like the Sprite in it.

Torani syrups can be found online if no one sells them in your area. I get mine through Buy Coffee Canada.

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